Move - WASD or Arrow Keys

Shoot - Spacebar or Mouse Left Click

Play for Free

Play Space 2, a free top-down space survival shooter that was created for KenneyJam. Space 2 is one of the many fun games in Darkwall's collection of free online game. If you like space shooter games, top-down space shooter games, or space survival games, you'll love this!

Game Play Description

Earn experience points for destroying enemy ships and asteroids. Use that experience to upgrade your ship. You can upgrade your max health, regenerations speed, reload speed, ship speed, shot damage, and weapon speed. Fly around the universe and try to stay alive, see how many rounds of enemy ships you can defend. Using your laser you can destroy enemy ships. Once you have shot a ship you'll have to gain 5 times the experience compared to an asteroid. Be sure the play the best space game of all time.

Space 2 - Best free space browser game of all time

Space 2 Technical Game Play Instructions

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your character around and the space-bar or left mouse button to shoot. Click on the abilities to increase them once you have ability points.

Space 2 Technical Game Play Description

Space 2 is a two dimensional (2D) top-down shooter built in html5 using a javascript framework called phaser.

Space 2 - Best free space browser game of all time

Space 2 Back-story

Your universe has been invaded by the enemy. You are the only survivor and are left to fight for your life with your ship. It's a full blown space war. Play Space 2 for free from your browser.